Our expertise in scaling technology organizations can be culminated into a few key topics. Contact us to learn more.

Create High-Output SDLC. 

CI/CD, Agile, Flow Optimization, and Statistical Forecasting.

Start deploying software to production every day, all day, using our end-to-end delivery process. Start using statistical regression to forecast accurately and build predictability into your customer commitments.

Improve Site Reliability and Incident Response.

Through customer focused monitoring strategies and collaborative objectives, you can say goodbye to alert fatigue and ineffective dashboards. Get back to focusing on customer experience and value creation with the confidence of site stability.

When systems  do fail emotions are high and response is complicated. By applying proven disaster response strategies to software failures you will drastically improve your effectiveness and resolution. Make sure those failures don't happen again, and use analytics to track team/organization progress.

Design Scalable Distributed Systems. 

Build your next project with the confidence of scalability and reusability. Through well implemented service oriented architectures, real-time events, and distributed infrastructure you can deliver high-performance software with ease. Bring your business into the software world through Domain Driven Design, and ensure your architecture connects directly to customer value.

Build high-ROI Software Teams

Staffing Strategies, Contract Negotiation, Capex strategies, and ROI models.

Transform your IT, Technology, or Engineering cost center into an investment first strategy. Develop technology investment "portfolios" that generate 7 to 10x for your business. Through real-time experimentation, product lifecycle strategies, and lean staffing strategies we will take your organization to the next level.

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