What is Staff Augmentation:

Peacock Consulting approach to contract software and staff augmentation.

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Discover How Our Infrastructure Expertise Transformed Foundry Digital.

“Their masterful approach when it comes to enabling engineering teams to excel in software delivery has transformed our operations.”

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We Provide Rapid Results

We identified key opportunities that enabled Foundry Digital to transform into a world-class technology organization

  • Enhance Software Delivery: Foundry Digital achieved world-class cycle times in infrastructure setup and product delivery, providing a competitive advantage.
  • Strategic Technology Strategy: Benefit from our insights into Implementing infrastructure, data, and hardware lifecycle strategies across multiple teams
  • Executive Confidence: Our personal coaching empowered Foundry Digital’s executives to align their tech strategy with their organizational goals, fostering greater confidence and success

Our Services

Unlock your organization's full potential with our comprehensive range of services. Whether you're striving for enhanced software delivery, strategic guidance, or portfolio alignment, Peacock Consulting has the expertise to drive your success.

Delivery Performance Transformation

Achieve the goal of delivering higher-quality software products at a faster pace. Adopt a quantitative approach to measuring your software delivery process. Utilize data and leverage the best agile practices to decrease change management overhead and enhance team autonomy.

Executive Advisement Service

We offer the expertise and education necessary for your leadership teams to navigate through your digital transformation journey. In a landscape of ever-advancing technology strategies, we enable the effective application of these strategies through insightful coaching.

Organization & Tech Strategy Alignment

Align your technology investments with your core business and design organizations capable of executing effectively. Implement a portfolio-driven approach that provides visibility into your investments and the outcomes they yield.